Daniel Flórez

Audio Engineer / Producer



Since an early age Daniel has invested all his time and energy into music. He started out playing guitar for multiple bands at the age of 14, by age 19 he had already performed in various countries across North, Central and South America. But while in the studio with many of his own bands, he discovered that his real passion in life was Audio. He attended Musicians Institute's Recording Program in Holywood, California but most of his professional growth has been through playing a plethora of roles in different studios like at Studio G in Brooklyn with Grammy Award winning/nominee engineers Joel Hamilton, Francisco Botero, and Hector Castillo as well as at AudioVision Studios  in Bogota, Colombia with multiple Latin Grammy Award winning engineer Francisco "Kiko" Castro. Today with over 10 years of experience Daniel has traveled to studios in the US, South America and Europe to produce, engineer and co-write records. Aside from his production background one of Daniel's fortes is mixing, and this has allowed him to do mix work for artists from all corners of the globe. Daniel currently calls Getaway Recording in Boston, MA his home, where alongside Jay Maas (founder of Defeater) he works with an extremely broad spectrum of artists.